Jardins do Vinho

Like gardens, wine stirs up a wide range of sensations

Jardins do Vinho (Granite Gardens) is the wine project of CA&F and its goal is to be a reference in the production and marketing of unique quality and identity wines.

CA&F is dedicated to promoting sustainability and based on the values of innovation, competence and human development.

Research into wine by-products and their uses in health and skincare is another one of the company’s projects.


The Jardins do Vinho collection marks a personal encounter with a place’s soul.
Like gardens, wine stirs up a wide range of sensations.
The philosophy behind the wines, in a collection of gardens, is made up as an olfactory journey of a region that influences one’s personal life.


Transmit to the consumer genuine sensations of the terroir, pleasure and sophistication.

Who We Are

Wine is a passion that I turned into a profession.
The wine project is led by Rita Cabral de Almeida e Fonseca.

Rita Cabral de Almeida e Fonseca


Vasco da Fonseca

Medical Health Researcher

Mafalda Magalhães


Rita Cabral

“Living Wine is a passion that I have become a profession”

Born in Viseu, Rita was raised in a family with history and tradition in the wine sector.
An Agronomic Engineer with a degree from ISA Lisboa. Rita completed her master´s degree in Wine Business at the University of Paris from the International Wine Organisation (OIV), which is the international reference in the sector. During this period, Rita had the opportunity to travel around the world studying various wine regions and terroirs.
An Agronomic Engineer vineyards on a global level. Rita tasted French, New Zealand and South African wines and discovered a whole new world of viniculture.
Rita seeks to produce innovative wines with terroir and tradition.

Vasco da Fonseca

“It is now urgent to investigate the impact of wine and its by-products on human health. It is an area not yet fully explored where there is number of questions to be answered”

The wine by-products and health uses area is led by Vasco da Fonseca, a medical oncologist and researcher with ties to the Academy/University.
The connection betwen agronomy and health allows a scientific approach on the benefits and potencial uses of wine by-products.

Mafalda Magalhães

Wine is born in the terroir

Agro-food engineering with a major in oenology and a Postgraduate Diploma in viniculture and oenology at the Juan Augustin Mas University has deepened her knowledge – Mendoza.
Producer of Douro wines, she had worked in several Portuguese regions as well as in Bordeaux. In Argentina where she worked as an oenologist at Bodega Dolium and Vinha Cobos, under the guidance of Paul Hobbs – a member of oenologist Michel Rolland’s consulting team.
Returning to Portugal she continues to produce personalised wines with limited number of harvests in Douro. She is a oenology consultant in different Portuguese regions, namely in Douro, Dão and Alentejo.
Nowadays she is responsible for the winemaking philosophy of Jardins de Granito, betting on the growth of each brand and seeking to make them established references.

Terroir and Wines

Terroir wines: wines with authenticity and tradition – strong connection to their regions, culture, grape variety and people

Dão terroir is marked by the constant presence of granite.
Respecting the wine tradition of Dão, “Jardim de Granito” is produced on the slopes of Silgueiros, in soils of granite origin, where the vineyard is surrounded by oak trees and pine forests.

The wines are designed to express the elegance and the gastronimic heritage of the region

Touriga Nacional is a noble and highly praised grape variety and has its best version in Dão. The thick skin, rich in pigment matter, helps to obtain intense and deep colours. The abundance of primary aromas, characteristic of the variety, makes it both floral and fruity, intense and explosive.
Tinta Roriz offers wines that combine elegance and robustness, fruit and spices, in a deep and lively register. Alfrocheiro produces wines rich in colour, with a great balance between alcohol, tannins and acidity. An aroma of wild berries stands out, particularly blackberry and ripe strawberry. The result is wines with firm albeit delicate structuring tannins.
Jaen is a vigorous grape variety that consecrates perfumed wines, vehement in the aromatic notes of blackberry, blueberry and cherry. It provides soft and silky wines, simple but seductive.

Distinguished wines – resulting from the vast heritage of indigenous grape varieties
Grape variety
Portugal has a vast heritage of more than 250 indigenous grape varieties.
Wines from Portugal remain genuine so as to reveal a strong Portuguese character.
Portugal is a small country with a total area of 92 072 km² and 10.5 million inhabitants, located in the western of the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, it is marked by the influence of the climate and the Atlantic Ocean.
Portuguese weather is generally characterized by a Temperate Humid Climate all year round, with dry summers or Mediterranean Climate in the south, interior and Douro region; and a temperate humid Climate with dry summers in the north, center and coastal Alentejo; it is also identified by the Arid Climate of the Steppes in certain regions of the district of Beja.
The average annual temperature in mainland Portugal ranges from 12 °C in the mountainous north interior to 18 °C in the south in the Guadiana River basin.
Such a diverse character of their particular regions gives rise to different microclimates and, consequently, very distinct terroirs, and therefore unique wines.

O Vinho é uma paixãoWine is born in the terroirWine is magicalWine in healthWine is elegant

— Rita Cabral de Almeida e Fonseca —


Jardim de Granito Touriga Nacional

This wine stands unoaked and the absolute respect for the grape variety that originates it.
It is a genuine wine that conveys the purity of the grape and its flavour. It is a balanced and elegant wine, with good alcoholic strength and excelent aging capacity.


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